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We sell transport machinery such as heavy haulers, RGN trailers, SPMT, lowboy trailers, refrigerated truck trailers.

We also provide designs based on what you need. We are focusing on manufacturing SPMTs and semi-trailers. The weight limit of our special vehicles ranges from 20 up to 5000 tons to meet your demand. Our major export markets include Korea, the UAE, the Philippines, and Africa (among others).

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We have a technician team with over 15 years of experience. As China’s leading manufacturer, we provide flatbed semi-trailers, SPMT, heavy haulers, RGN trailers, lowboy trailers, low bed trailers, and refrigerated truck trailers.

You Can Trust Us

ANSTER has 15 years of manufacturing experience and produces high quality products at a competitive price. Our sales team offers convenient after-sale service. ANSTER also has an experienced QC team, which maintains strict quality control.

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Product design center

The design team for our products provide the perfect design. Because they already have many years of accumulated technology skills and experience, it is possible for them to create the most effective products in the least amount of time.

Welding production line

Our technical staff, responsible for welding work, often participate in technical trainings to improve our product technology. Now we have dozens of technical personnel.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Professional equipment can make the product better. Our programmers provide cutting-edge programs in accordance with the design requirements to ensure the maximum utilization of the materials.

Your Professional Trailer Manufacturer

We provide high quality products, and we are very interested in solving your problems with our experience,

technology and outsourcing capabilities.


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  • Thank you for your inquiry
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  • Thank you for your inquiry
    Our engineer will reply you in 12 hours