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Hydraulic Modular Trailer / Multi Axle Trailers

Hydraulic modular trailer / multi axles trailers for sale. Modular trailers is a kind of heavy haulage trailers
used for heavy equipment transport – ANSTER will supply you the best quality hydraulic axles modular trailers.

ANSTER TRAILER provide hydraulic modular trailer with reliability and competitive price which are fully compatible with goldhofer THP SL. We will show you how we reduce heavy transport companies costs. ANSTER have provided many hydraulic axles modular trailers to 40 countries, we have much more advantages on cost and quality control of heavy lift transport. As a military background manufacturer, the hydraulic modular trailer / multi axles trailers have robust constructions and professional design.

What is a Hydraulic Modular Trailer? – Learn Modular Trailers Specs & Designs

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hydraulic multi axle trailers

ANSTER hydraulic module trailer’s advantages:

1. Many heavy duty transport companies approved. We’ve helped the companies reduce costs and improve business.
2. Military technology. Max load per axle-line is 40 tons.
3. High Quality & Cost-effective
4. Pro manufacture & Economical Price
4. In full compliance with the size of cargo.

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Heavy haul / Hydraulic modular trailers from top supplier – ANSTER

The quality of ANSTER modular trailers can be compared to goldhofer trailer THP/SL model. Hydraulic modular trailers can be customized, and they are designed to transport heavy equipment with its special size. The production process uses a lot of special technology, so this trailer not only has a special size but also a solid structure. The design of the trailer ensures that it can adapt to a variety of environments, not only on the road. With our military-grade quality, you can trust our production ability. Such products are widely used with wind power equipment, thermal power equipment and similar items.

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modular trailer frame

modular trailer specification

6 axles modular trailer

modular trailer gooseneck

modular low bed trailer

Model WS1 WS 2 WS 3 WS 4 WS 5 WS 6
Ton 22.5 22.5 22.5 15 22.5 22.5
Axle Payload Ton 30 30 30 30 20 30
Tare Weight per line Ton 3.4 3.4 3.5 3.4 4 4
Axle no. line 2-7 2-7 2-7 2-7 2-7 6
Width mm 2990 2990 3000 2990 2990 3400
Wheel base mm 1550 1550 1500 1550 2450 1600
Height mm 1070±300 1080±325 1175±300 1070±300 1070±300 1070±210
Min height mm 770 755 875 770 770 860
Steering Angle 50° 55° 55° 55° 55° 50°
Tyre 215/75R17.5 or 7.50R15 8.25R15
Rim 6.00-17.5 or 6.00G-15 6.50-15
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  • Thank you for your inquiry
    Our engineer will reply you in 12 hours