Lowboy trailer

The lowboy category includes low bed trailers, RGN trailers (detachable gooseneck trailers), dolly trailers, and double drop deck trailers. It is a semi-trailer with two drops: one right before the wheels and another right after the gooseneck. The deck of this one is very low compared to that of other trailers. It offers the ability to carry a lot of heavy equipment, such as excavators, which other trailers cannot.


    Lowboy / low bed trailers

    Lowboy / low bed / drop deck semi-trailers are used for heavy equipment. We can provide you with a professional design for the trailer. ANSTER – semi-trailer manufacturer in China.


    RGN semi-trailers

    Removable or detachable gooseneck / RGN trailers for sale. We can provide you with flatbed and lowboy models.


    Dolly semi-trailers

    Dolly semitrailers can carry heavy equipment; we can customize the semi-trailer according to our customer's requirements. Our quality after-sales service will give you a comfortable experience.