We will introduce different kinds of wind turbine blade trailer and windmill tower trailers as a guide on how to choose the right trailer for your use.

One. How to choose the right trailer?

There are key aspects that determine the choice of a trailer to pick ranging from its quality to its efficiency and reliability during operations. For wind turbine blades/windmill towers, the kind of trailers to choose from include:

• Telescopic trailers
• Specific blade trailers
• Specific tower trailer

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I. Telescopic Trailers

These can be used to transport both wind blades and the tower. This is the kind of trailer that you need if you want to handle the different kinds of loads in your operations. Its design and construction are meant to take care of these needs.

Its structure comprises:

• A Gooseneck
• A steering mechanism
• An extendable beam
• The tail platform.

extendable telescopic trailer

Telescopic trailer

The goose-neck provides a connecting point of the trailer to the truck. It is designed to lift up and down to meet the different height of the 5th wheel of a truck. When the truck steers, goose-neck can pass the signal, and the trailer starts to steer.

The steering system includes a steering function for the rear axles to help trailer get through a curved road due to the 62 m length of the trailer.

There are three steering structure configurations namely: hydraulic bogies, turntable steering and axle steering.

The extendable beam feature is designed to allow for elongation to cater for different transportation needs. Due to the overall length of the trailer needed in this section, tough and strong materials with a yield strength of at least 460 MPa is used.

This makes sure that the beam doesn’t sag during operations. At this section, the trailer can be adjusted to the desired length to take up the task at hand.

The tail platform forms the rear section of the trailer. It can either be a folding or pulling platform configuration. Therefore, users can choose a telescopic trailer based on these tail platform configurations.

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Advantage of Telescopic Trailers:

• It’s easy to use. The trailer comes in a simple design that is easy to use and operate either hands-on or remotely. Loading and offloading cargo are made safe and simple for operators to manage the operations in an effortless manner.

• It can transport other kinds of oversized cargoes, not only the blades and tower. Therefore, the user can put the trailer into many other uses other than for transporting wind turbine blades.

• Reliable and Efficient. Constructed of high yield strength material, telescopic trailers are reliable in terms of safety and general transportation needs.

Owing to its ability to carry both wind turbine blades and windmill towers loads, it gives the user and efficient option for transportation.

More details: What is an extendable / telescopic trailer?

II. Specific Blade Trailer

In this design structure, the turbine blade is fixed on the adapter. What makes this trailer special is that the adaptor is customized for the blade.

That means it will unlikely be used for another function. It is the kind of trailer you need if all you want to do is transport wind turbine blades only.

specific wind blade trailer

Specific wind blade trailer

Although usually made from the best materials with sufficient yield strength, their custom design for taking blades may not make it a fit choice for other types of loads.

Below is an example of the kind of product to expect should you go for this option.

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These type of trailers are used to transport turbine blades on mountain roads and curved roads as well.

Because of the fact that extendable trailers are too long, when it comes to a mountain road, it is hard to steer hence the need for the special blade trailer.

The design is made in such a way that the blade adaptor can lift up and down making it easier for the trailer to steer easily.


It is purely designed to take up wind turbine blade loads. That means it is unlikely that you will use it for other uses. Some people prefer renting it than buying them, especially when there are different types of workloads to be taken care of.

III. Specific Tower Trailer

A specific tower trailer has a tower adapter to its structure. The tower can be fixed on the two sides of adaptors.

The adaptors can be adjusted to fit the different dimension of the tower. This is what you should go for if your need revolves around transporting windmill towers.

specific windmill tower trailer

Specific tower trailer


• One notable advantage of this trailer is that it is a better match for different sizes of the tower. Therefore, users are not limited to a specific type and size of the tower.
• The trailer provides better safety measures. This is very important for operations hence an important factor to consider when buying a trailer.


It is primarily designed for carrying windmill towers and not any other type of load. It would be better to rent instead of buying especially when you have other types of loads that need transportation.

Two. How to choose a wind turbine blades trailer supplier?

A number of factors come into consideration when choosing a blades trailer supplier. For that reason, a company’s reputation is measured by its ability to meet certain needs and expectations from trailer users in the industry.

Here are some of the key consideration to look at:

• Quality. This aspect is very vital especially for wind turbine blades and windmill towers trailers because of their exceedingly huge length reaching up to 62 m.

In such a long design, customers expect to find trailers constructed from materials with high yield strength. Therefore, the material used in construction is key for attaining the desired quality.

Typically, it is expected that the trailer should remain intact after operations under heavy load.

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telescopic trailer

• Delivery time.

Check through the trailer booklet for specifications on its travel speeds when empty and during loading occasions.

There usually are recommended speeds for each trailer on different scenarios and therefore, they should guide you into knowing whether a trailer will be fit for your operations or not.

Delivery time is key, particularly when handling many loads. Travel speeds will be everything for you on such occasions.

• Customization ability. How can your trailer perfectly match your load requirements? Look at options that give you the freedom to customize based on your transportation needs.

That way, you will have room to complete a huge number of tasks without having to use different types of trailers for different loads, which can be a costly affair.

• Reliability.

Moving oversized cargo such as wind turbine blades and towers is a demanding task. Therefore, you need a trailer that will work for a long period without breaking down or requiring service.

Sometimes, the distance from the manufacturing yard to the installation site is quite long and would need a trailer that can engage in operations for a long period without any issues.

Look at the operations guarantees and performance characteristics of the trailer to determine its reliability.

Three. Different Countries Have Different Laws

Your choice of the trailer will also be determined by the country where you will be conducting the operations. Before you buy, please take note of the local rules and regulations governing road transportation.

Remember that different countries have different weight capacity per axle requirements on different wheelbase.

Other considerations to make as defined by the regulations include the trailer’s maximum length, width and even self-weight. All these are captured in the different countries laws and regulations concerning transportation.

Therefore, they will play a key role in the choice of the kind of trailer you are about to buy.

Get a copy of these regulations and compare it with the trailer features and specifications so that you get the right trailer for use.

This is to be checked alongside all the other qualities that make a good trailer. A good trailer supplier will definitely ask you about where you want to use your trailer from before buying it.

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Wind turbine blades and windmill towers trailer, just like for any other type of trailer must be thoroughly scrutinized before making the final buy decision.

After identifying your needs, you should be able to know the kind of trailer you are looking for. However, that is not all that you will always need.

There are some other aspects to look into including the trailer quality, delivery times, ability to customize and its reliability among others.

Make use of this detailed guideline to choose between the wind turbine blades trailer suppliers you will find in the market today!

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