Cargo semi-trailer

The cargo semi-trailer is used to transport many kinds of bulk cargo or livestock. This category includes drop side trailers, van semi-trailers, wing van trailers, tautliner trailers, horse trailers, timber trailers, and car haulers. It is commonly used for the transport of cargo and materials. Logistics companies are able to transport bulk cargo and unload goads easily by using these semi-trailers.


    Drop side trailer

    Drop side trailers can be designed according to the dimensions you require and are manufactured by your professional supplier – ANSTER


    Storage trailer / van semi-trailers

    ANSTER storage trailer manufacturer specializes in van semi–trailers. We have 15 years of experience in producing semitrailers.


    Log trailer / timber trailers

    Log trailer / timber trailer for sale. ANSTER will provide you with high quality semitrailers. We have 15 years of experience in making truck trailers.


    Horse trailer / livestock trailer

    ANSTER is a professional manufacturer of horse / livestock trailers, and we can provide you with high quality semitrailers to grow your business.


    Tautliner / curtain side trailer

    Tautliner / curtain side trailer can provide you with a display platform. ANSTER will make the best design for you. We are a professional manufacturer located in China.


    Car hauler / carrier

    Car hauler / carrier can be customized by ANSTER, and can carry 6-10 cars. The semitrailer has a rigid structure to ensure the user’s safety.