Container trailer

The container semi-trailer category includes 20ft (feet) / 40ft skeletal trailers, and container flatbed trailers. This semi-trailer can be used to transport containers. The flatbed trailers have stable structure and lightweight. In order to reduce the weight, this trailer type can be produced as a skeleton type. It includes the gooseneck and ordinary type. The customized flatbed trailer can be used to transport special equipment. Flatbed semi-trailers are mainly used in ports, and a container side loader can be installed on the flatbed to make it easier to unload the container.

    flat bed trailer

    Container flatbed trailers

    Container flatbed semi-trailers have many types, such as 20ft-40ft-53ft models. ANSTER, a professional supplier in China, can provide you with the best design.

    40ft skeleton trailer

    Container chassis trailer

    20ft, 40ft Shipping ISO container skeletal trailers are used for container transportation. They are lighter than flatbed trailers. ANSTER can give you the perfect design.