SPMT (Self-propelled modular transporter)

ANSTER self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) has military technology and deals in China. Our products are fully compatible with goldhofer PST/SL and scheuerle which are well known throughout the world.

ANSTER TRAILER provide SPMT (self propelled modular transporter) and hydraulic modular trailers with reliability and competitive price which are fully compatible with Goldhofer PST/SL and scheuerle. ANSTER have provided many kinds of special vehicles for military and governments. As a military background manufacturer, we have much more advantages on the SPMT’s cost and quality control.

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2.43m SPMT


3m spmt



spmt for shipbuilding

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SPMT for shipbuilding


ANSTER self-propelled modular transporter’s advantages:

1. Many Large shipyards approved. We’ve helped shipbuilding companies save millions dollars.
2. Military technology. 2.43m and 3m types are optional. Max load per axle-line is 40tons.
3. Professionally designed & robust construction
4. High Quality & Cost-effective
5. Fully compatible with Goldhofer PST/SL and Scheuerle

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SPMT (Self-propelled modular transporters) for sale, from professional manufacturer

The quality of ANSTER modular trailers can be compared to goldhofer trailer THP/SL PST/SL model. A self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) can have several dozen wheels controlled by a computer. They are all individually controllable in order to steer accurately and distribute weight evenly. Because SPMTs often carry the heaviest loads in the world, they can only move at one mile per hour if fully loaded. Some self-propelled modular transporters are controlled by a control panel. In addition, multiple SPMTs can be combined to transport massive building-sized objects. SPMTs are used in many fields around the world, such as construction for objects transportation.


axles modular transporter

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6 axles spmt

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