ANSTER Is the leading heavy haulers, lowboy, container chassis trailers and SPMT supplier & manufacturer.

ANSTER provides the best service and quality products. We are competitive in the international market, and our export volume has occupied a large share in China. We have hot products for sale (including flatbed trailers, low bed trailers, refrigerated truck trailers, SPMT, heavy haulers, and RGN trailers), and our products have been exported to many countries including Korea, the UAE, the Philippines, and Africa.


    SPMT (Self-propelled modular transporter)

    ANSTER self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) has military technology and deals in China. Our products are fully compatible with goldhofer PST/SL and scheuerle which are well known throughout the world.

    hydraulic axles modular trailer

    Hydraulic Modular Trailer / Multi Axle Trailers

    Hydraulic modular trailer / multi axles trailers for sale. Modular trailers is a kind of heavy haulage trailers
    used for heavy equipment transport – ANSTER will supply you the best quality hydraulic axles modular trailers.

    dgn trailer

    Removable gooseneck / RGN trailers

    Removable or detachable gooseneck / RGN trailers for sale. We can provide you the flatbed and low loader models with 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8 axles.

    low bed trailer

    Lowbed / low bed trailers

    Lowboy / low bed / drop deck semi-trailers are used for heavy equipment. We can provide you with a professional design for the trailer. 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 axles low bed trailer for sale.

    shipyard transporter

    Shipyard Transporter/ Hydraulic Platform Transporter

    Shipyard transporter is a vehicle which can transport ship parts in shipyards. It isn’t the same as the modular trailer or SPMT that can carry up to 1000 tons by only 1 set.

    aluminium oil tank trailer

    Fuel/Petrol/Oil tank trailer

    Fuel tanker trailers are commonly used for transporting oil, petroleum, etc. ANSTER is a leading manufacturer and can provide you with a professionally designed tanker trailer.

    flat bed trailer

    Container flatbed trailers

    Container flatbed semi-trailers have many types, such as 20ft-40ft-53ft models. ANSTER, a professional supplier in China, can provide you with the best design.

    40ft skeleton trailer

    Container chassis trailer

    20ft, 40ft Shipping ISO container skeletal trailers are used for container transportation. They are lighter than flatbed trailers. ANSTER can give you the perfect design.


    Dolly low bed trailers

    Dolly semi trailers can carry heavy equipment; we can customize the semi-trailer according to our customer’s requirements. Our quality after-sales service will give you a comfortable experience.