We have the best engineers and advanced equipment to produce SPMT, modular trailer, container trailers, oil tank trailer.

ANSTER is committed to providing the best quality SPMT and semi-trailer products. Our slogan has always been “quality of life.” After 15 years of technological improvements, we have the capabilities to provide heavy duty trailers such as container trailers, reefer truck trailers, oil tank trailer, and more.

Product design center

The design team for our products provide the perfect design. Because they already have many years of accumulated technology skills and experience, it is possible for them to create the most effective products in the least amount of time.

The production lines of steel plate uncoiling and leveling

In order to ensure the quality of the raw materials for our products, we use a special machine to ensure the flatness of the steel sheet. This means the follow-up work will be able to reduce the flaws of the product.

Welding production line

Our technical staff, responsible for welding work, often participate in technical trainings to improve our product technology. Now we have dozens of technical personnel. Now we have decide to purchase new welding robots. (coming soon)

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Professional equipment can make the product better. Our programmers provide cutting-edge programs in accordance with the design requirements to ensure the maximum utilization of the materials.

Lathe machine

Lathe machines cut parts while they are rotated. CNC lathes can finish the work fast and precisely cuts. They are effective for complicated programs which is designed to cut parts that would be difficult to be cutted by workers.

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  • Thank you for your inquiry
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