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Car hauler / carrier

Car hauler / carrier can be customized by ANSTER, and can carry 6-10 cars. The semitrailer has a rigid structure to ensure the user’s safety.

Car hauler / carrier for sale, professional manufacturer

The car hauler trailer is used to transport a variety of vehicles, such as cars, pickup trucks, SUVs and so on. It is also called a car carrier or car haul trailer. This trailer can load more cars in a limited space. The trailer can be designed for controlling the height of the upper deck via a hydraulic system, and ensures the vehicles can be loaded on the deck easily. Another design is that the entire trailer body is fixed and requires the use of a forklift to load the cars onto the upper deck.

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Car Carrier Trailer
Overall Dimension: 10000-15000*2500*4200mm
Lower deck length: 12000mm
Upper deck length: 15000mm
Ground clearance: 400mm
Lower and upper deck clearance: 1800mm
Width clear opening: 2000mm
Floor 3mm thickness
Loading capacity: 8 units’ cars
Tare weight: 10,000kg
Axle Brand: 13T×2-3pcs
Suspension system: Standard Mechanical suspension

or Air suspension

Tire: 12R22.5, 4units, Triangle brand
Lifting system: Hydraulic
Landing Gear: Standard 28ton
Brake system: Dual line braking system, ABS braking system
Kingpin: 2” or 3.5” JOST brand
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  • Thank you for your inquiry
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