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Side dump trailer / tipper trailers

Side truck trailers can be designed and manufactured by ANSTER. We are the best manufacturer of dump trailers in China, and can make a design according to your request.


Side dump trailers / tipper trailers for sale, professional supplier

The side dump semi-trailer is another type of dump truck, and it allows goods to be unloaded from the side. The main types of cargo transported by this semi-trailer are building materials, such as stone, sand, etc. It uses hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps and a dump-bucket on one side. The other side of the panel can be opened and locked. It is designed to be side dumping. Because the space is too small in some places, and lateral unloading can greatly save space. Side dumping trailers also use thick steel plates so that transporting the building materials also won’t cause great damage to the trailer.

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Side Tipper Trailer
Tare Weight 10T
Payload 20-80T
Axle Weight Load 13-16T axle
Axle number 2-3
Axle specs. FUWA or Wabco brand
Suspension mechanical or air suspensions
King Pin 50#/90#
Dimensions 11500×2500×4000mm(Outside)
(LxWxH) 11000×2300×2000mm(Inner)
Rim 9.00*22.5
Lifting system HYVA hydraulic system
Tire specs. 12.00R22.5-18
Frame: (specs. and materials) Main frame is height 500 mm.
Frame Beam Upper and lower plate is 14mm,

middle is 10mm. height is 500 mm

Body plate Hardox500
5mm Side plate, 8mm Bottle plate
Landing Leg support: 28ton
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  • Thank you for your inquiry
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