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Removable gooseneck / RGN trailers

Removable or detachable gooseneck / RGN trailers for sale. We can provide you the flatbed and low loader models with 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8 axles.


ANSTER TRAILER provide Removable or detachable gooseneck / RGN semi-trailers with reliability and competitive price. ANSTER RGN trailers have High loading capacity and can weigh up to 150 ton. As a 15 years manufacturer, ANSTER have provided many kinds of trailers for military and governments. We have much more advantages on RGN trailer’s quality control.

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Here is a Low Bed Trailer Ultimate Guide PDF.

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If you need hydraulic low bed trailers, check this: Hydraulic Modular Trailer

rgn semi trailer

ANSTER Removable gooseneck trailer’s advantages:

1. Military and government approved
2. Export to 40+ countries
3. High efficiency & Easy unloading equipment
4. Lighter and more rigid structure
5. High loading capacity, weigh up to 150 ton
6. Adapts well to bad roads

Removable or detachable gooseneck / RGN semi-trailers for sale

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detachable gooseneck trailer

The RGN trailer is a removable or detachable gooseneck trailer, and it has a low center of gravity, good stability, high strength and other characteristics which improve the loading capacity. Some equipment installed in the gooseneck of the semi-trailer can be removed or connected by workers, so construction machinery can unload from the front of the semi-trailer. This trailer is mainly suitable for large construction machinery. It solves the issue of the angle of the ladder on a low bed trailer being too great. This is a reliable product which helps you to save money.

removable gooseneck trailer

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detachable gooseneck trailer

rgn trailer drawing

RGN Trailers
Dimension 11000mm-16000mm x 3000-3500mm x 1650 mm
Loading Capacity 20-150 T
Axle 13T, 16T, BP/FUWA/Chinese brand
Rim 6.5-20/7.5-20/8.00-20/8.5-20
Suspension Tri-axle Mechanical suspension or Air Suspension (BPW brand)
King Pin JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5 inch (bolted or welded type)
Main Beam Height:450mm-580mm Q354B steel
Side Beam 16mm-30mm "I" Steel
Ladder Manually operated or Hydraulic type
Gooseneck Hydraulic detachable gooseneck
Brake Chamber WABCO (brake system)
Light LED light
Voltage 24V
Surface Coating Sandblasted, anti-rust chassis surface is avaible with 1 layer of anticorrosive primer and 2 layers of top coats.
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