Refrigerated truck trailers / dry vans

A refrigerated truck trailer is used to transport fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. ANSTER will provide you highly cost-effective refrigerated vans for your business.

Refrigerated truck trailers / dry vans for sale, from professional supplier

Refrigerated truck trailers (also called refrigerated vans / reefer trailers) are special vehicles which transport fish, meat, fresh fruit, vegetables and other perishable goods. Without a refrigerator, it’s called a dry van that can only be used for keeping the temperature and humidity levels consistent. The goods require that a certain temperature, humidity and ventilation be maintained in the process of transport, so the insulated car body is equipped with thermal insulation material, and the refrigerated van is equipped with a cooling device, heating device, temperature measuring device, and ventilation. The refrigerated van has three kinds of performance: refrigeration, heat preservation and heat.

  Material Manganese steel, Q235etc.
  Rated load 30000kg
  Curb mass 7000kg
  Axle number 3 Axle
  Leaf spring 10/10/10
  Tire model 10.00-20 12PR, 10.00-20 14PR, 10.00R20 12PR, 11.00-20 12PR, 11.00R20 12PR, 11R22.5 12PR, 12R22.5 12PR
  Suspension Independent stamping steel rigid suspension

(or air suspension)

  Function Transport food meat and fruit
  Tractor 50 or 90# tractor
  Supporting device linkage leg
  Brake chamber ABS