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Chemical tanker containers / LPG trailers

LPG requires high pressure to maintain its liquid form. ANSTER will provide you many kinds of LPG tanker trailer, including T14, T20, T50, T23, etc.


Chemical tanker containers / LPG trailers (T14, T20, T50, T23) for sale

Some semi-trailers designed to transport gas and other petroleum products. Gas tanker carriers have different structures depending on the type of gas they transport. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is heavier than LNG. It can be liquefied through refrigeration or by applying high pressure. Its major components are butane and propane. It remains heavy even when it is heated. LPG can evaporate when heated. Hence, it is transported under high pressure to keep it in liquid. LPG containers include T14, T20, T50, T23, etc.

Frame Dimensions & Mass
MPGM 36000 kg 79366lb
Tare Mass (approx - TBC) 6550kg 14440 lb
Length 6058 mm 20 ft
Width 2438 mm 8 ft
Height 2591 mm 8 ft 6 in
Tank Dimensions
Inside Diameter 2401 mm 94.53 in
Tan to Tan 4599 mm 181.06 in
Shell Nominal Thickness 12 mm 0.47 in
Head Minimum Thickness A/F 11.39 mm 0.45 in
Corrosion Allowance 0 mm 0 in
Elliptical Heads – 2:1SE    
Approximate Crown Radius 2160.9 mm
Approximate Knuckle Radius 408.17 mm
Pressure & Temperature Rating
Design Reference Temperature (with sunshield) 55 °C 131 °F
M.A.W.P 12 bar 174 psig
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 16.5 bar 239.25 psig
External Design Pressure 1.0 bar 14.5 psig
Ambient Temperature Range -40 to +55°C -40 to 131°F