Dolly low bed trailers

Dolly semi trailers can carry heavy equipment; we can customize the semi-trailer according to our customer’s requirements. Our quality after-sales service will give you a comfortable experience.


Dolly semi-trailers for sale, from professional manufacturer

This trailer is designed to solve the overload problem of a large tonnage. Usually ordinary semi-trailers use a structure of two axles and one line, but dolly trailers can have multi-lines, such as 4 axles and 16 tires, and are usually used to transport heavy cargo. Each axle of a dolly trailer loads 50 percent of the weight. Many countries are only allowed to have each axle of a vehicle loading 10 tons, so the dolly trailer has two effects: one is to disperse force, reducing the pressure on the front, and the second is to reduce the weight loaded by each axle.

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Able to load more cargo
More robust structure
Large turn angle
Less wear on the tires

If you need hydraulic low bed trailers, check this: Hydraulic Modular Trailer

Main beam Q345Steel;The height of the beam is 500mm;

Upper plate;18mm;Middle plate is 12mm; Down plate is 20mm

Cross beam 14# channel steel
Side beam 20# channel steel
King Pin 2”(50mm)or 3.5”(90mm)traction pin
Dimensions(L*W*H) 13000*2500*1550mm
Floor 4mm diamond steel plate
suspension Mechanical suspension with 10/10/10
Axle 3*13ton FUWA/ BPW brand
Tire Triangle/Double 12R22.5 (12pcs)
Brake valve WABCO
Brake chamber 6 big chamber
Landing Gear JOST brand two-speed, Manual operating Heavy duty 28ton
Ladder Mechanical
Tool box 1 pcs
Spare tire carrier 2 pcs
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  • Thank you for your inquiry
    Our engineer will reply you in 12 hours