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Container side loader / lifter trailer

ANSTER is a distributor of container side loaders / lifters, produced by the best manufacturer in China. The container side loaders’ quality also can be compared to Hammar lift.

ANSTER TRAILER provides you container side loader trailers with competitive price. As a 15 years supplier, ANSTER has provided container swing lift trailers to clients from 40+ countries. The container side loader capacity is 37 tons and can weigh up to 40 tons. Quality of ANSTER container side loader is same as Hammarlift.

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Wireless remote control

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ANSTER Container Side Lifter Trailer’s advantages:

1. 20 ft and 40 ft Are Optional
2. Max. Working Range is 4 M
3. Max. Lifting Capacity Is 37 Tons
4. Make Container Double Stack
5. Transfer Container To Other Vehicles
6. Remote control

Container side loaders / lifters for sale – ANSTER

What is a container side lifter? – Learn the Design and Specs

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Container side loaders can make it easier to lift a container up, so it is possible to avoid damage to the container (unlike using a container flatbed trailer only). Side loaders can slide to fit 20ft-40ft containers with a safety control (stop button). The front and rear cranes can work together and separately, making it easy and convenient to adjust the container. The container side lifter can adapt to many sizes of container and greatly reduce the workload of unloading a container. This product is widely used in the main ports of the world. In the future, the demand for container side loaders will continue to grow.

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  • Thank you for your inquiry
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