The center of gravity is defined as the balance point of an object or the point at which the object balance without any tendency to rotate.

The weight acts on or is concentrated on this point. For an object to be balanced or in equilibrium, the sum of the forces acting on it should be equal to zero. The knowledge of how the center of gravity work is important when moving objects, especially high objects.

The natural law of gravity causes objects to topple over when unbalance. Once you understand the concept of center of gravity and its effect on stability, you balance objects and move them safely. The concept is particularly important for tall objects with irregular shapes.

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How To Keep Cargo Stable On A Low Bed Trailer

  • Increase the size of the base of support

You can increase the stability of a heavy object by increasing the size of its base of support. Increasing the size does not automatically increase stability. You must increase towards the direction of the oncoming or impeding force.

One way of increasing the base support is to change the position such that the widest part of the object lies on the ground. Another way is to increase the number of contact points with the ground where possible.

For some objects, you may need to change the package or change the position to create an additional contact point.

Also the low bed trailer can widen by some accessories to increase the size of working platform.

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  • Increase friction

The level of frictional resistance between the contact point or points and the base or ground influences the stability of the object. When the level of frictional resistance is low, the object will slip or skid on the ground.

High friction, on the other hand, improves stability, especially on a smooth base. Consider the surface of the contact point and choose to package with a rough surface.

Sometimes transporters use sawdust on their trucks to keep heavy objects with smooth surfaces stable. You can add any other rough material on the floor or base to increase friction as long as it does not damage the object.

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  • Lower the center of gravity

The location of the center of gravity from the base of support determines the stability of an object. If the location is high above the base support, the object is likely to be unstable depending on the size of the support base. This explains why tall objects topple over easily.

The way to increase stability is to lower the center of gravity or reduce the distance between the center of gravity and the ground. So the double drop deck trailer is a good choice, it can make the center lower.

Carry high object while lying on the ground or in a leaning position instead of an upright position. When you incline a tall object or any other object, you automatically lower the center of gravity.

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  • Lower the speed

Moving an object at a high speed increases its chances of toppling over. Speed does not necessarily affect the amount of gravitational force on an object. However, speed determines the reaction of the object when faced by an external force.

For instance, if you are transporting an object with a truck at a high speed, a sudden stop or hitting an obstacle will cause the object to topple over. Sometimes stepping on the brakes when driving at a high speed causes the object to fall or slide.

If you are carrying the object, walking at a low speed helps to keep the center of gravity or balance point at the same position.

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  • Place the object at the center of the base of support

The vertical projection of the center of gravity should be at the center of the base of support. In other words, the balance point should be at the center of the base or ground for the object to remain stable.

Placing the object near any of the edges may cause it to fall, especially when the truck or transporter changes its momentum. By placing the object at the center, you increase the distance that the center of gravity has to travel before it can cause the object to fall.


Here are detailed guide book about low bed trailer.

  • Conclusion

If you are moving an object and notice that it is unstable, any of the suggested tips will help you regain its balance. Sometimes it takes just one change like moving the object to the center or increasing its support base to keep the object balanced. The weight of the object affects its stability too but sometimes you cannot adjust the weight. The tips outlined above will keep an object of any mass or weight stable.

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