Have you been struggling to find a job? Is it possible that you have disqualified yourself from the available jobs such as truck driving?

Are you thinking that a mother cannot become a trucker? Well, read this article and met a mother who has earned a decent living out of the profession and is totally fulfilled.

You will get incredible insights on the steps that you must parking-trucktake to pursue the same course.

2015, I got to California for business. when I decided to go to a hotel, I saw a middle aged lady parked a huge truck!

I moved near to she was sited, obviously curious to know her more. I was lucky that the truck driver was kind enough to give me some details about her life.

She started by telling me her name-Maritza. By then, her son had just turned 17.

A few years prior, she worked as a cashier and tried running other errands to make the ends meet.

The situation changed when she decided to try her hand in truck driving.

Maritza achieved major benefits after becoming a truck driver:

First, with a starting salary of 40,000 to 45000 dollars a year and a chance to get better compensation after gaining experience, she no longer strains financially.


Second, she has visited places that she never imagined she would and learned a lot in the process. While the job is regarded as dirty, which is true, she has been in a position to interact with flora and fauna of her country.

Third, her self-worth has been boosted to a great extent. It was a bold move for her to get into the male-dominated industry and perfect her skills.

The Steps That She Took To Be a Truck Driver

There are specific steps that how a mom become a truck driver, and you will learn it in 20 minutes. Here are the details:

1. She Knew That Self-Confidence Is Critical

Maritza had to deal with the insecurities and struggles of venturing into a male-dominated field. Her friends and colleagues made jokes about how she jumped out off her truck.


As she delivered some of the heavy and bulky goods, some service providers insisted on speaking to the ‘real’ driver.

Others wanted to know her sexual orientation before engaging her for any professional talk. She learned not to take things personally but rather develop a thick skin in order to achieve her professional goals.

Accordingly, you must aspire to have confidence and understand that:

One. It is male-oriented industry and most of the people will not expect you to deliver excellent services. Thus, you must prove them wrong by mastering your skills and above all, remaining confident.

Two. You will have moments of self-doubt. Just because Maritza has been successful from the does not mean that she was always sure that she could make it.

Three. In fact, in the class full of young and energetic men, she felt incapable of learning and understanding some of the concepts in the profession.

Nevertheless, she made a decision not to talk herself out of the class. You must also believe that you have what it takes to make it in the industry.


Four. You have unique abilities that automatically qualify you to be a truck driver.

To start with, you are likely to engage in safer driving that your male colleagues. Studies show that truck driving ladies have few cases of seatbelt violations, over speeding, failure to yield and obey other traffic rules. 

Further, you already know that women love details. In the truck driving world, that ability is highly rewarded. The time spent on the road will be regulated by your company and if you pay attention to such details, proper compensation and promotions will be inevitable.

More so, you have learned to adapt to different environments in life. You are the best suited for the truck driving job. You will be required to view a situation from different angles and come up with quick solution. Just like in the past, you will adapt.

Even more, since you have accepted a range of challenges in life and overcame them, you will be a perfect match for the truck driving industry.


Five. The industry has changed. The equipment is now automated and other features added to the trucks to make sure that you all comfortable.

You do not have to lift heavy loads but rather just drive to a destination and wait for other professionals to take over the heavier duties.

Hence, you do not need to develop the physical muscles to succeed in the field. You could even maintain your pedicure and hair-dos while in the field.

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2. She Understood That She Needed To Treat Her Family Right


Initially, Maritza found it difficult to explain to her son why she opted for the truck driving job. She had to spend some nights away from home, which means that he had to fix his meals after school.

Being a teenager, he was rebellious and did not want to perform chores such as cleaning, picking a mail or even dealing with trash. Nevertheless, she overcame the hurdle by explaining the benefits of the job. Her son became very supportive afterwards.

There are several considerations to make when trying to find balance between work and family. First, it will depend on whether you have support system and whether your children are grown or still young.

Here are some so the issues you need to deal:

One. If your children are older and have hence moved out of the house, there are fewer challenges to overcome.

Probably the only question you need to answer is whether there is an age limit on who becomes accepted in the industry. The best thing is that regardless of your age, you can get trained and start earning a decent living.

Two. If you have small children at home, there is a chance that you will face resistance and challenges while pursuing the profession.child-alone

It is particularly true when you are required to engage in long haul driving, which requires you to be on the road for a few days. The best option in this case is to find a support system to help you with the kids.  

Maritza engaged her mother to take care of her son during such moments. Besides, it will be possible for you to work near your residential area after a while.

Three. If a family member rejects the course, you can have a talk with them. Ensure that they understand why there is a need to embrace the idea.

For instance, you can show them how much you will make within a short time. Once Maritza’s son saw the weekly paycheck and realized that he could get the shoes and clothes that he always wanted, he was ready to support his mother.

It is also wise to let your family members know that you will make time to be with them. Come up with a schedule that works for everyone and stick to it so that they can put their fears to rest.

If your husband or significant other feels that they are not in control, assure them that you will be supportive of their pursuits regardless of how much you will be making or how much time you will spend with your male colleagues.

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3. She Came Up With A Scheme On How To Spend Her Time And Money

In the new profession, Maritza realized that it was difficult to balance between family life and her work. She was also having issues with budgeting her money, given the fact that she was earning more she ever expected in life.


She therefore came up with two schedules- one on her finances and other on how to spend her time. It worked for her. In the same way,

you must understand that the whole process will be new to you and thus, it is crucial that you come up with a scheme on how you will spend your time and money.

There are several considerations to make when coming up with a perfect scheme. They are:

One. Confirm about the training schedule. You must find out confirming how long you will take in the driving school and when the training is conducted; it could be trained during the weekend, weekday or at night.

From hence, you can request the school to allow you to work in the most convenient time possible for you. If the school does not make such provisions, you can look for a different school or make changes in your life to suit the schedule.

You can also opt for distance learning and be available for the practical lessons.


Two. Find out when you can spend time with your family. Remember that at this point spending a lot of time with family is not as important as ensuring that you allocate quality time with them.

For the school going children, you may want to ensure that you are available when they are doing homework. You should also consider their special days such as their birthdays or times that they have games at school.

If you have a spouse, you can allocate time to go out and have some fun time.  An evening in a movie theater with them can make all the difference.

Three. List your expenditure against your income so that you can spend your finances wisely.

Other than the amount required for tuition, CDL school and other personal bills, you should set aside money for leisure and future investments.


You must realize that growth in your life is critical and thus, setting aside money for investment is important. You may also want to take your family on holiday after year-long work.

Having made proper financial decision, you will feel fulfilled as you see the progress that you will make in your professional and personal life.

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4. She Went Through the Tedious Process of Finding a Good School

Upon asking Maritza how she found a good school, she made some facial gestures that made me realize that the whole process may have been tedious and boring for her.

She however indicated that she fortunate enough to find a good school that equipped her with the relevant skills in the field. In the same way, regardless of how daunting the process is, you must find a school with a range of qualities.

Specifically, you must settle for a school with the following qualities:


One. A school with multiple carrier relationships. A good school should take time to create relationships with other trucking companies so that the students can get jobs with ease.

Before settling for a school, find out if the most reputable companies in your area know the school and what they can say about it. You can also ask for recommendations from such companies.

Two. Licensing and skills. A good school must be licensed to offer you will skills and expose you to various driving activities.

You must be fully equipped with skills once you enroll in such skill so that you can work in different sectors in the industry. Otherwise, it may be difficult to find a job or grow in the profession after graduation.

Three. A driving school must be affordable. This will help you to save on costs. Seek for schools that have flexible payment schedule and that offer sponsorships to students.

You must however be careful to ensure that you do not compromise the quality of the training as you try to get a cheap school.

Four. The length of training should be reasonable; typically, it will take lessonsat least three weeks to complete the program. A school that takes less than three weeks may not cover all the details that you require in the program.

On the other hand, a school that trains you for more than a month may be a great inconvenience to you and time-wasting.

Five. Does the truck driving school provide job placement assistance?

The best school should help you find job placement after the training.  You do not have to struggle finding a job if the school has networked with major players in the industry.

If the job is not availed, the school should at least offer you a chance to do an internship. As such, you will get value for the money that you pay to the school.

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5. Then The Time Came When She Had To Find a Well-Paying Job

Once Maritza had completed her training, the next hurdle to jump was on how she could find a well-paying job. She realized that many companies were seeking for drivers with over five years of experience.

The ones that did not make such requests were paying poorly. She took time to research on how to find a good job and the results of the process were impressive.

You need to learn the following:

One. Making a resume is worthwhile

While you may not have the experience required by some of the companies, you have the skills that they need. Hence, list them in your resume and send it to them.

You will be surprised that the company will prefer you to other candidates who fall short of such skills.


Two. You must know where to find the jobs

Other than the placement offered by your school, go through the internet to find a truck driving job. Visit various job posting boards to find the most appropriate position for you.

You may want to consider the dedicated sites so that you can have an easy time. The social media platform also offers you a chance to not only find the jobs, but to also interact with the hiring company.

Still, being involved in online forums on the trucking industry will expose you to information about the job and what you need to do to find it. Online chats and pay per click ads will also be worth considering.

Further, you may request your friends to recommend the best jobs in the industry.

Three. Understand which jobs pay better

While still on course of a job search, it is good to acknowledge the fact that truck drivers are paid based on their role. OTR are paid better than other professionals since they spend more time on the road.


Ice road truckers are also paid relatively well because their jobs are risky. Other well paid drivers work in food industry and coal mining. For the Maritza’s case, she takes a good pay check home because she drives an oversize truck.

Four. Take the initiative to discuss your ideas with a company

You do not have to wait for ages to get a phone call confirming that you got a job. Instead, find out if there are special skills that you can offer a company and make time to discuss about with the management.

You must be well groomed and show respect to the subordinates such as the secretary to make the best first impression. If you find out that the management seems bored and uninterested with your ideas, maintain a positive attitude and present them anyway.

Doing this in a few companies of your choice will eventually yield the expected fruits-a well paying job.

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6. Maritza Knows That She Must Ensure Personal Safety


One of the most fascinating highlight of Maritza’s story is when she said that she cannot gamble when it comes to her safety.

She always takes time to ensure that she is safe while on the road. In the same way, you must be prepared adequately when driving at certain times of the day or in some seasons.

There are several considerations to make in this case:

One. You must be brave. Fear can ruin an otherwise safe ride. Be brave enough to repot any incidents and to take precautions whenever necessary.

You should also avoid panicking in case of an attack but rather find courage to alert the people around you. Even when you feel afraid, you must always appear confident to the rest of the world.

Two. Awareness is important. Be aware of the secure spots available for parking your vehicle.

You should further access information about some of the things that must be done in case you are in danger.

Three. Know where to park. Avoid parking at the back of the parking lot or walking between trucks as well. Some of the parking spaces may be so hidden that crime can easily take place.


You should also find parking lots that are open 24/7 hours. If you are not sure whether the parking space is available, consider parking the truck early.

While this may mean less pay at the end of a trip, you will have avoided some issues that could cost your life or hospital bills. Furthermore, you must ensure that the parking spaces should also have restrooms and a restaurant.

Four. Install alarm systems in your truck and lock the doors. The system should be installed in such a way that it is easy to reach and use when you are in danger.

You must also lock the door at all times even when you think that you are in secure places in any given area. Still, fasten your belt so that the impact of an accident will be minimal.


Five. Carry the essentials. You should consider carrying flashlight, boots, cell phone and raincoat among other essentials so that you will be prepared for incidents and accidents on the road.

Extra gallons of water can also come in handy in moments when you need sufficient hydration at work.

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7. Though Difficult, She Is Striving To Be Healthy

One of the issues that Maritza was struggling with was choosing the right diet while on the road.

Most times, the only food available was unhealthy. She however realized that it was possible to prepare her own meals and carry it.

You can try other options such as:

One. Carrying appliances that fit your truck size such as Burton stove, gas grill, crock pot, electric skillet, hot plate or burner jet stream oven, microwave oven and coffee pot.


This way, you can prepare your meals during travel and avoid wasting time and money as you wait for restaurants to prepare them for you. You will also be in a position to prepare healthy and favorite meals.

Two. Coming up with a diet plan and enforce it strictly. You must realize that, as a woman, your diet requirements are different from those of your male counterparts.

At breakfast, eat foods rich in protein such as eggs, salmon or dairy. Such foods keep you fuller for longer. During your mid-mornings, consider an oatcake, a banana or veggie sticks.

To avoid the crazy mid afternoon slump, prepare lunch that is rich in starchy curbs. Combine this with protein-rich food such as chicken or salmon.

Do not forget to include some vegetables to balance the meal. Your body is likely to be craving for a sweet snack in the afternoon. Feed it with a sweet fruit and nuts.

During dinner, take carb-rich foods; it will help you to relax after the long and tiring day. Combine them with foods that are rich in healthy fats such as fish and nuts.

Three. Exercises will help. Taking time to engage in physical activities is helpful.


You can do simple activities such as walking for a few miles every day or jogging before or after work.

You may also enroll in a gym and visit it regularly.

Four. Find ways of dealing with and avoiding stress. Other than exercising, it is critical that you consider activities that can help you deal with stress.

Truck driving is a tough job and you will more often than not feel tried and stressed. Over time, your health will be impacted negatively. Some of the activities to consider in this case include yoga and mediation.

If the problem is serious, you may consider therapy from qualified professionals. The counselors can be found on the online platform or by seeking for recommendations from your company and colleagues.

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So there you have it! You now know that any mother in the whole wide world can be a truck driver and make a decent living. If you find this story inspiring, spread the word around by sharing it with other moms.

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