The China Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) is a sound construction aimed at meeting the needs of its users. Owing to its quality and design, the transporter has found major applications in and around the world.

It is a much improved design that has continued to offer solutions of managing and transporting heavy cargo without much complication. The SPMT has been enhanced to perform its function through the use of individual or combined modes.

It is constructed to a consistent transport solution for large non-detachable, overweight or over-length superior structure cargoes found throughout the world.

It has found a major application and use in offshore oil platforms, shipbuilding, module chemical plants, nuclear and in the loading and movement of chemical tanks.

The China SPMT is ideal for the following industries: electricity, chemical industry, oil and Gas, construction, marine engineering, metallurgy and shipbuilding among several others.

SPMT Ultimate Guide – Self-propelled modular transporter Design & Specs

  • Important Aspects of the China SPMT

Here is a summary of the key highlights and aspects about the China SPMT capabilities and function that you should take note of: 

  1. The design and production approach. The China SPMT is an advanced designed made to enhance safe operations, operation-ability, ease of maintenance and reasonable structure.
  2. The mechanical systems, the steel structures and the electrical systems together with the safety protection equipment and devices are in accordance to the current relevant standards and specifications.
  3. It is a robust construction offering sufficient strength, stability, rigidity and rollover resistance.
  4. The noise, environmental and vibration protection on the China SPMT are in accordance to the current requirements of the related standards, safety and fire among other requirements.
  5. The equipment offers smooth operations that are both safe and reliable in different conditions.
  6. Now China ANSTER SPMT is fully compatible with Goldhofer SPMT, Scheuerle SPMT.

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1. Material, frame

The SPMT is of a strong and durable construction made using the Q690 material grade. With yield strength of 690MPa, this high strength material suits a design and structure for the work it is intended for.

The main bearing parts of the modular unit (specifically the main girder of frame, wheel bogie and so on) adopt firm box-type beam structure.

The materials used for the construction are high-performance welding plates with yield strength of 690 MPa.

axles modular transporter

spmt frame

The entire frame which has high strength and great ability of withstanding bending moment can solve the problem of concentrated loading efficiently.

The middle longitudinal beam of the frame adopts a Trapezoidal box structure and the cases of oscillating cylinder are welded with the frame into a whole structure.

There are three-chips-shape pin holes in the middle of the frame’s both ends for the end-by-end coupling. Still, there are bolt holes on both sides of the frame for the side-by-side coupling as well.

Further, there are four hook points near the four corners of the frame that bear the dead weight of the modular unit for hoisting.

All the surfaces of the steel structures are treated through a shot blasting process that is aimed at strengthening the grade of SA2.5. On the other hand, the small shape components adopt a galvanizing procedure instead.

The paint adopted is a famous brand whose total thickness of paint film is more than 110μm. The standard configuration of the finish paint’s color is bright red R03.

However, the color can also be chosen by the customer based on tastes and preferences on the same.

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2. Welding

A large scope of adopted integrated technology including the construction of the air cylinder and hydraulic tank of integration into the frame girder is of welding procedures.

The frame material is made of high strength welded steel plate of yield strength of 690 mpa. The frame structure adopted is semi-closed and is specifically designed that way to increase the frame strength and stiffness.

From the manufacturing aspect, by subsection welding technology, the accuracy of the frame is guaranteed.

Welding inspection

Welding all the beams and plates is cumbersome. Many mechanics take short cuts in this process. Hence, you must be careful when inspecting the welded parts and joints.

All the welded parts should be smooth and uniform. Sometimes welding leaves some rough surfaces because of heat deformation. Check all the joints for rough surfaces.

Another thing to look out for when inspecting welded parts is cracks and penetration to adjacent beams.

welding procedure specification

welding procedure specification

If the manufacturer is not careful with the welding process, the welding machine and consumables can penetrate through the steel plate or cause cracks. Such deformations will reduce the strength of the beams.

In addition, you need to check the parts or joints that are not welded. Sometimes the manufacturer may skip some joints in the process, which will affect the strength needed to take the loading capacity of the trailer.

Welding is the most important part of the manufacture process of the SPMT. Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) is a strict standard process intended to manufacture and maintain high quality for the trailers.

It defines the process of each step in detail and records each part as welded by different welders.

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3. Precision

The precision is less than 2mm when controlling the SPMT. This means that it offers high maneuverability that is useful in ensuring smooth operations during the loading and transportation of cargo.

ship block merging

ship block merging

  • Design, Cooperate With Professional College

The China SPMT is an advanced design of a professional technical team supported by professors, who can be ranked the same as the most advanced in the world.

Professional approaches have been taken not only in structural design, but also in control software design. The transporter includes a development of a module vehicle steering mechanism optimization software and application software.

Most importantly, it can use the software for the steering mechanism of the simulation analysis under different design parameters and the variety of carpool plan under the steering rod hole location optimization design.

This has made it possible to come up with a design that is more scientific and more reasonable.

4. Euro approved! Our SPMT used in Euro shipyard

Europe is considered the highest standard market and for the China SPMT to be used in Euro, it means that Euro has approved our SPMT.

Therefore, this is enough prove to customers from all over the world that the equipment is reliable and tested as a high-quality transporter that will meet the desired expectations.

Euro customer

Euro customer

Compatible with Other Famous Brand, Goldhofer and So On!

When working with the goldhofer, you end up saving a lot of money. This is because of the compatibility of China’s SPMT with other brands. Ideally if you had another brand of SPMT, they can be used together.

That means that the initially bought SPMT model will not be rendered useful upon the purchase of the China SPMT model.

Compatible with goldhofer

Compatible with goldhofer

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5. Hydraulic System and PPU

All parts are from the best brand in the world. The power processing unit (PPU) used is DETUZ, MAN and the Chrysler engine.

Classification Equipment, components Supplier(or brand) The origin of product
mechanical drive Diesel engine Dimler Chrysler/ Deutz Germany
Transfer case KTR Germany
hydraulic system Drive hydraulic pump Rexroth Germany
Steering pump Rexroth Germany
Reducer Rexroth Germany(Chinese factories)
Hydraulic drive motor Rexroth Germany
Steering proportional sandwich valve HAWE Germany
Electrical control system Angular sensor Germany
Radio remote controller Germany
ECU Germany
Display Germany

The hydraulic system is a superior system that safely controls all the desired operations during loading, offloading and transportation.

This way, you are guaranteed safety and efficiency in your transportation needs.

The hydrostatic drive system is a closed-loop system of hydraulics where a variable drive pump of a variable control type EP (electric proportional) is applied.

The steering is also hydraulically controlled. Ideally, the hydraulic steering system us an open-loop hydraulic system with an installed variable pump used for integrating load-sensing and at the same time pressure-cutting-off the flow control ability.

Ideally, it can make adjustments to the output flow of the variable pump based on the need for the load in a manner that saves energy.

Through the use of the pressure-cutting-off control function of flow, the maximum pressure given out by the variable pump can be controlled and limited to values that protect the system.

The hydraulic system of lifting loads together with the hydraulic system of steering share the same open-loop variable pump. The hydraulic oil coming from the variable pump is supplied equally to the lifting cylinders.

This makes it possible to lift the platform evenly.

Further on the hydraulic systems, there is the hydraulic cooling system. Essentially, there are two gear motors used to drive the fans for cooling the transporter’s composite radiator.

There is also a gear pump that is used to supply the hydraulic oil with the needed pressure on the gear motors.

The brakes are also hydraulic controlled. The China SPMT attains its braking function and the release of the parking unit through the use of hydraulic brake cylinders as they push and release the brake drum.

The cylinders are loaded with springs to the inside. These are used to keep the vehicle in a parking status at times when the system lacks pressure oil in the said cylinders.

There is a manual pump provided with the braking system and is normally used for releasing the brake while on parking should there be no power on the vehicle.

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There is a lot that can be said about the China SPMT model right from its design, manufacturing and function-ability. Here is a summary of the main reasons why China SPMT is a good choice to make for cargo handling and transportation.

spmt control

spmt control

  • Experience and skill.

The manufacturer has been in the industry for a long time and therefore, the product is a culmination of the skills and experience acquired in the industry over the years.

It has been a process of continuous quality improvement and testing. These processes over this time have matured the production system and have enabled mass production.

  • Practical use testing and verification.

The China SPMT is founded upon the design and manufacturing idea of high reliability, configuration and strength. 

The structural parts of the transporter model are made of high-strength steel and high-quality welds that pass the standard quality tests and recognized by all other third-party tests:

all non-destructive tests, welding procedure qualification test, steel structure strain under concentrated loading. The frame is made once welding has been completed in order to ensure there is an accurate combination.

The main components of this transporter model have adopted renowned Germany brands such as  Dimler Chrysler, Deutz, Rexroth, etc. among others. With such options, the quality and life of the China SPMT model is guaranteed.

The vehicle’s safety performance passes internal certifications such as the CE Certification through TUV, a direct agency supervised by the German Quality Inspection Administration.

The quality adheres to the ISO 9001 system of quality management as effected throughout the production process. The vehicles usually pass through a number of conditions testing for a whole year covering a total of 38 test items.

This is done to mature the product’s performance. Important tests have been conducted on the SPMT including unloading, overload, heavy load, durability and slope among others.

This has led to the achievement of inspection and approval through both the domestic and international safety and testing certification organization.

Customers are able to profit from this vast experience in engineering transportation and alignment position.

  1. Powerful Performance Characteristics. The China SPMT is equipped with a powerful power plant and a big displacement hydraulic pump and these aspects are combined together, faster travelling speeds are realized during operation. This further translates to faster responses in lifting and steering operations. Most importantly, these are well synchronized at a superior level. More than that, the SPMT is equipped using a faster ratio reducer and therefore, it can offer a larger driving force.
  2. Superior Electro-hydraulic Control Means. This is the distinguishing and the most outstanding quality with the China SPMT model when compared against other manufacturers around the world.  This has been made possible through an exchange of technology over the years particularly from the international gatherings and the well-known institutions domestically. It has also been as a result of the desire to address realistic engineering transportation needs. The electro-hydraulic control procedures have ensured precise positioning hence clients can achieve better accuracy and precise combination alignment position for cargo.
  3. Robust Steering Capabilities. The rack and pinion steering capabilities is a great work of design and manufacturing that has gone into the China SPMT. This is much needed for the high-axle load, to offer a big steering resistant moment while at the same time offering an ability to contain the axial force, the overturning moment, the radial force and the torque as well as other multifaceted joint effect. This is rich and practical experience useful in the design and use of a steering mechanism of this nature. It is a mature product system that provides confidence and reliability during operations.
  4. High Load-bearing Ability. The SPMT frame is a robust construction with high load-bearing capabilities. The frame is the most important feature particularly when it comes to loading and transportation. It is also very useful in determining the accuracy of steering and the stitching precision. Therefore, the considerations made during the construction of the China SPMT frame are not just a procedure of making an end-to-end connection. There is a lot that has gone into it including suspension steering mechanism mounting holes alongside provisions for clamping molding. The frame processing is done through an automated CNC gantry milling process alongside the CNC floor boring for processing and clamping. The beam and the steering mechanism of conventional transporter manufacturers use an integrated structure where welding can only be done after processing the beam. Any deformation in welds will definitely affect the relative accuracy of the suspension position. Ultimately, it will affect the rack and pinion box accuracy. However, such eventualities are eliminated with the China SPMT.

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The China SPMT is a work of engineering that has matured over the years through rigorous research, fabrication, testing and verification.

There is a lot of experience and skill input in this manufacturing right from the design to the production process.

Everything has been put under check at different levels and the quality ascertained by various quality organizations both locally and internationally.

As a result, this equipment has gained international repute and has been widely used in Europe among other parts of the world.

The main components used in the manufactured are borrowed from renewed vehicle brands around the world particularly with the use of German technology.

The most distinguishing feature as highlighted herein is the electro-hydraulic control system installed in this equipment. This feature gives the China SPMT an edge in the world market today.

The use of advanced technology has been very important towards the development of a SPMT of this quality and functionality. It is a high-quality steel construction offering durable qualities of high load-bearing capacity.

The quality and life of the transporter has greatly been maximized to give customers good service to last for many years. The power performance capabilities are very robust and superior compared to other designs in the market.

The overall appearance, structure and operation using the China SPMT are highly optimized to meet the demands of clients for loading and transporting cargo in different conditions. 

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