The modular trailers are the kind of equipment you will need to transport unusually heavy cargo. It gives you the ability to handle complex situations involving not only heavy cargo but also heavy weight loads.

Therefore, different modular trailers are built to specifically handle different situations in this area. So, what should you consider when buying a modular trailer?

You should learn the common specs, dimension and capacity first. Check the specs sheet in first section.

Among the weight, size and height of cargo to be carried, there are several other factors to consider. This is your ultimate guide towards the purchase of a modular trailer that will perfectly suit your applications and how to choose a good manufacturer.

The first step towards the purchase of a modular trailer involves establishing your cargo requirements.

Looking at the the price and specs available in the market, you will definitely get a good choice of modular trailer designed for your needs.

If you need the type that performs well over a long mileage, there will be an option for you. All designs are made in consideration to other factors to help you handle a number of applications.

Whether you want the modular trailer for public roads use or for use in construction site operations, there will always be a solution for you.

Today, you can get a modular trailer with 2500mm optional width. This offers you high-quality maneuverability.

This means that you can make useful adjustments and controls to manage your cargo in a manner that will promote your operations.

More than that, you can easily determine the exact trailer that you will require. Looking at the maximum payload against the axle load, you can make a choice of the trailer that can carry your cargo weight.

Again, there will be details of the maximum mileage that can be covered and the minimum wear characteristics to compare.

Check the axle and brake system along with other technical features such as the tires and axle load carriage and the recommended transportation speeds.

ANSTER modular trailer

ANSTER modular trailer

ANSTER modular trailers are fully compatible With Goldhofer Trailer, Scheuerle Trailer.

These are some of the basic concerns that should come first in the list. Having said that, here is detailed information on what you should be looking for in your choice of a modular trailer:


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1. Know the common capacity, dimensions and specs of hydraulic modular trailer


There are dimensions and specs of many kinds of modular trailers. Therefore, you need to choose the right one based on its load capacity. You should make an economical choice to facilitate quick transportation of your cargo.

The modular trailers have 23T-45T per axle capacity. You need to choose the right one to meet your demand.

If there is a lot to transport, make sure you have settled for a choice that will take up as much load as possible in order to reduce the cost.


Six axle lines modular unit
Axle line 6
Speed(km/h) 0.5 1 5 20 40 60 80
Total weight(kg) 240,000 216,000 204,000 156,600 120,000 108,000 98,400
Dead-weight(kg) 24,000 (approx.)
Rated payload(kg) 216,000 192,000 180,000 132,000 96,000 84,000 74,400
Payload / axle line(kg) 40,000 36,000 34,000 26,100 20,000 18,000 16,400
Overall length(mm) 9000
Total width(mm) 3000
Height(mm) 1175±300 (full-load)
Wheelbase(mm) 1500
Track(mm) 1800
Tire size 215/75R17.5 PR16 135/133J
Rim size 6.00-17.5
Number of tire 48
Steering angle(°) 55
Four axle lines modular unit
Axle line 4
Speed(km/h) 0.5 1 5 20 40 60 80
Total weight(kg) 160,000 144,000 136,000 104,400 80,000 72,000 65,600
Dead-weight(kg) 16,000 (approx.)
Rated payload(kg) 144,000 128,000 120,000 88,400 64,000 56,000 49,600
Payload / axle line(kg) 40,000 36,000 34,000 26,100 20,000 18,000 16,400
Overall length(mm) 6000
Total width(mm) 3000
Height(mm) 1175±300 (full-load)
Wheelbase(mm) 1500
Track(mm) 1800
Tire size 215/75R17.5 PR16 135/133J
Rim size 6.00-17.5
Number of tire 32
Steering angle(°) 55



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2. Know what weight will you transport


The basic reason why you will need a trailer to take up a certain load is usually because of its weight. On its part, the modular trailer provides you with a solution to the following benefits as discussed below:

  • It is suitable equipment for the transportation of heavy cargo. Ideally, it can take up to thousands tons of weight. The capacity take per axle is up to 45 tons.
  • The steering angle can easily be controlled hence enhancing maneuverability. This is a very useful aspect for heavy cargo transportation. You want to be sure that you can easily handle your cargo with a lot of flexibility.
  • Most importantly, it can be driven by a tractor truck hence making the modular trailer economical to use
  • Modular trailers will provide you with a range of applications. There is a good axle spacing choice for use in public roads offering you high bending moment even for off-road application
  • Different combinations can be applied along with other technical features such as axle load and the use of twin tires to give you great capabilities.
  • Off-road applications for heavy cargo us also possible due to an optimized lateral stability for the modular trailer. You can comfortably use it for mining activities and so on.


3. Meet Quality Compliance


Quality is always the most important thing, especially in heavy-cargo transportation. Look at the rationale behind the design and how it will enhance your operations.

The use of professional technology can make the working platform of a modular trailer more stable. Stability is a very important factor with cargo transportation.

A good quality modular trailer should be stable enough to promote safe operations. In that case, it is very important to keep horizontal in order to keep the cargo in balance and from falling off.

Serious buyers would want to get the technical drawings along with other details of the trailer to establish the quality.

Therefore, get as much information as you can to assess the quality prior to buying any trailer. Look at the material used for its construction and the quality of welds done on the structure.

These will go a long way into defining the performance and lifespan of your modular trailer.


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4. Choose right Types of Modular Trailer


All features included in the design of a modular trailer have a certain need to meet. Therefore, seek to understand the difference in the installed features prior to purchase.

One of the defining features of a modular trailer is the type of bearings installed. There are two types of modular trailer categorized based on bearing: Pivot Bearing and Ball Bearing Race Ring.


  • Pivot Bearing Type – this is commonly used for light weight capacity modular unit. 23T-25T. Be ready with information on your weight specifications and settle for this if the tonnage is within the given range. There is no point of getting a bigger one while this can suffice. Despite the light weight operations, this type can also offer you with a wide range of applications. It can be used for construction site operations and in public roads as well. This is usually for extremely low dead weight with features of big tires that makes it suitable for off-road use. It also has technical features offering good bending moment that enhances your operations on the different locations. 
  • Ball Bearing Race Ring – this is commonly used for heavy load modular unit 30-45T. Don’t buy a modular trailer type that cannot handle your weight needs. If this is the weight range of your cargo, don’t force it on the pivot bearing type. Instead, go for the ball bearing race ring. With this type, lifting your heavy loads becomes possible. You can use it in public roads and operations within your plant. It gives you an optimum ratio for the payload versus the axle load. Another important feature is the torsion-resistant frame that comes with a closed loading platform facilitating the carrying of concentrated loads as well as heavy-duty cargo in the drop deck.
modular unit wheel bogie steering

modular unit wheel bogie steering

Other than just looking at the weight capabilities of these two types of modular trailers, you can also choose whether to install the gooseneck or not.

A gooseneck design helps you to save space and makes use of lighter units via a perfectly hinged frame assembly. Your seemingly heavy cargo becomes a light operation through this feature.

It offers you the ability to handled complex situations on different terrain especially on off-road applications.

At times, handling heavy cargo becomes somewhat complicated.

You can choose between combination gooseneck modular trailer and the universal gooseneck modular trailer to get your desired performance. See figure 1 below

gooseneck modular trailer

Figure 1 Gooseneck Installation


5. Choose Right Combination


Don’t just note the weight of your cargo. In addition, establish your cargo’s dimension. Remember that you can choose the right combination for a modular trailer according to the dimension.

  • Make considerations of how many rows to choose. In your selection, you may find out that some cargo may be too wide. In that case, you cannot settle for 2 rows because they will not be enough. See figure 2 below
modular trailer

Figure 2 Modular Trailer

  • If the cargo is very long, you need to use some special accessories. Therefore, make arrangements to get the same also. It is important to go for external components that will make your modular trailer more useful than if it was all alone. If it is really too long, such as a girder, you will have to get a turntable. See figure 3 Don’t buy a modular trailer without the required accessories to help in handling your cargo lest it be rendered useless. Enquire from the experts and get useful information to help you make the right choice of accessories for your modular trailer.
turntable for modular trailer

Figure 3 Turntable

  • If your cargo is too high, you will need a low-profile drop deck and a vessel bridge. See figure 5 below. This is an optimum combination of the required bending moment of handling such a cargo and loading cargo of such a height. There is a range of applications for this kind of combination. You can use it for public roads applications and again for operations within your plant. Even if your cargo is very high, this combination provides you with a low loading height. Still, it has an optimum ratio of payload to the axle load and is designed to take up concentrated loads as well as heavy-duty loads while in the drop deck. The bending moment is usually high, something that enhances capability of the equipment.
gooseneck combination modular trailers

Figure 5 Low Profile Drop Deck and Vessel Bridge


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There are those designed for minimum loading height for maximum requirements and the same includes a range of applications for public roads.

There is room for alternative width aimed at giving you excellent maneuverability. You can also achieve mechanical width adjustments through the use of spacers.

Still these are optimized for high loads as well with an optimum payload to axle load ratio. Most importantly, it will offer you with the lowest loading height to make the operations easy and manageable.

customized trailers

Figure 6


6. Source a Cost Competitive Manufacturer


As you make preparations to buy the best modular trailer out there, make sure you have identified a good dealer. Initially, create a list of suppliers to choose from.

Don’t just deal with one supplier. You may not know the different offers available in the market. Use a number of factors to compare more than just the price.

Quality may affect the cost implications of frequent repair and maintenance checks. It is better you invest well in good quality trailer that will not bother you for the longest time.

In your final choice of a modular trailer, make sure that it has a considerable number of applications to get a high return on investment.

Go for what you need and do away with unnecessary accessories. For instance, the split module is good for highway operations.

It comes with hydraulic width adjustment capabilities but they are option. Should your trailer not need them, you can decide not to take them.


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You will still be able to get a good modular trailer with high bending moment for off-road applications if you choose from a number of suppliers.

It doesn’t have to be a costly experience. When you endeavor to choose from among people who deal with such equipment, you will get a cost-effective solution to use in your different applications.

Remember to check the cost against the benefits that you will get from buying such equipment. Look at the accessories that would make the cost to shoot high.

If they are worth it, go for them because they can make your operations a lot effective, safe and faster.

If you go for cheap without looking at the performance characteristics, your operational costs may end up being high.



Modular trailers are a great invention for handling already assembled machines and equipment that are not only heavy but also long.

The choice of a good modular trailer will be characterized by its function and quality. Different people have different needs and the same case applies to you.

Look at the type of cargo you want to lift and transport. Will a modular trailer alone suffice or you will need additional attachments and other accessories added to it.

Having this kind of information is very useful while purchasing your modular trailer.

Work with the experts after doing your own research in order to establish the kind of trailer that will be most appropriate for your use.

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