The choice of a good transporter goes a long way in impacting your operations especially on financial grounds. A lot of things come to play when making considerations of where to buy your shipyard transporter.

These are very expensive haulers and therefore, it is important to do a market research to identify the best dealers in the market. The best transporters are assessed on grounds of quality, availability of support services and cost among other things.

Also known as the self-propelled hydraulic transporter, heavy duty industrial transporter, platform transporter or the hydraulic platform transporter, the shipyard transporter is definitely one of the most useful transporters you will ever find in the market. Here are the 4 best shipyard manufacturers around the globe.

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1. Kamag

Shipyard transporters from KAMAG are also a great quality to purchase.

The company is an active manufacturer of industrial vehicles, modular trailers and vehicles that are normally used for performing terminal logistics.

It is part of the TII Group that features other companies such as the NICOLAS and SCHEUERLE. This is a good sign that the company is part of other professional and renowned transporter manufacturers.

Being the world’s market leader in the manufacturing and building of heavy-duty transporters, the TII Group has given its members a good reputation owing to the quality of products they produce every year. 

Their heavy-duty equipment is installed with hydraulically-supported pendulum axles.

KAMAG has a vast experience and expertise for over 400 years as made possible through four heavy-duty transport companies. The company promises to secure the future economic excellence at the present times. 

The Shipyard transporter manufactured by KAMAG has a proven worth over many years of manufacturing and operation in a real-world setting handling up to 1300 tons of cargo.

Key Advantages: The transporter is a versatile construction that can handle greater loads during transportation.

The exact steering response, powerful lifting hydraulics and a sensitive drive are some of the features that make these KAMAG shipyard transporters reliable and worth of investment.

They provide highly functional logistics in different applications especially in the shipbuilding industry.

kamag shipyard transporter

kamag shipyard transporter

The transporter can achieve a 165 degrees steering angle in both ways making them highly maneuverable even within a limited space setting.

This is more especially with the combination of several vehicles that need to be used in a confined section.

Different KAMAG Shipyard Transporters


This is a reliable and proven transporter type commonly used for carrying ship sections as well as scrap or pallets for molten steel. There are different versions of this type of transporter as listed below:

  • Wheel Bogie type: N, approx. 27t wheel bogie; S, approx. 32t wheel bogie; and H, approx. 38t wheel bogie
  • Number of Axles: 2 to 12 axles
  • Weight carrying Capacity: 80t to 1,300t payload
  • Tyre Type: Pneumatic or SE 12.00-20

The available drive type of this type of transporter is the hydrostatic version.

It comes with a number of accessories such as a touch display carrying a COG display, remote maintenance, a Radio remote control, a second cabin, tyre pressure monitoring unit, a rear-view camera and most importantly, it can be connected with other vehicles.

Areas of Application: This type of shipyard can be used in steel plants, concrete plants, shipyards and in the aerospace industry.

  1. Shipyard Transporter 1600

The KAMAG Shipyard Transporter Type 1600 is commonly used for the loading and transportation of pallets for semi-finished products, ship sections and scarp or pallets for molten steel. The available options are available are:

  • Wheel Bogie Type: N, approx.14t wheel bogie; and S, approx.16t wheel bogie
  • Number of Axles: 2 – 8 axles
  • Loading Capacity: 40t – 200t payloads
  • Tyres Type: Pneumatic or SE 8.25R15; Pneumatic or SE 355/65R15

The drive type available is the hydrostatic one that comes with a number of accessories:

touch display alongside COG display, remote maintenance, rear-view camera, dumping device, radio remote control and a second cabin with a possibility of coupling it with other vehicles.

Areas of Application: This shipyard type can be used in steel plants, shipyards, aerospace industry and in concrete plants as well.

  1. K24

The shipyard transporter is a robust and strong one as shown in the figure below.

Figure 3 K24 Transporter

The KAMAG type 2400 is a modular transporter commonly used in industrial plants, for carrying steel structures such as sluice gates, bridges and operating materials and/or plant parts and components. There are various versions as follows:

  • Number of Axles: 4 – 6-axles
  • Payload: Weight of 76t and more
  • Those that can be coupled with other Type 24 vehicles
  • Tyres 355/65R15

This type of shipyard transporter also comes with different drive as follows: hydrostatic, power plant unit (PPU), electric 2x37kW, and diesel 390kW Tier 4f, 287kW Tier3, 180kW Tier4f or 150kW Tier3.

There are other accessories to it including a bolster, remote maintenance, stretch and PU tyre filling.

Areas of operation: The KAMAG type 2400 shipyard transport can comfortably be used for off-shore operations, in shipyards, for recovery operations and transporting plant components or operating materials.

Key Benefits of KAMAG Shipyard Transporters

When used in all these areas, it gives the operator and/or user the following advantages:

  • The placement of the driver’s cab at the same level with the platform or under the platform is a possibility
  • The choice of steering and drive system can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the given operation
  • Loads and pallets set down on the premises of the factory are driven under and then lifted through the use of a hydraulic lifting device integrated in it and then moved
  • Setting down operations occurs in reverse order in any of the different locations
  • The electronic-hydraulic system of steering where any program of steering can be applied makes the shipyard transporter a flexible option to use
  • The product is a work of extensive research and experience in manufacturing
  • The company prides in highly built series standards that offers high flexibility to meet the requirements of individual customers
  • Customers benefit from sales made to any part of the world alongside professional assistance and a rich after-sales network built around the globe
  • Reliable and functional company-own technology of control
  • Excellent strong transporter manufacturing that offers high loading capabilities
  • The use of renowned brands and components for hydraulics, electronics and drive

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2. Cometto

This is a world leader in the design, manufacture and sale of such vehicles as heavy modular trailers, heavy transport trailers, electronic modular SPMTs and special SPTMs such as the shipyard transporter as used in different industrial applications. 

The company makes vehicles used for heavy haulage, in transport oil and gas equipment, steel industry, aerospace industry, wind energy, construction companies, offshore applications and in shipbuilding among other areas.

cometto shipyard transporter

cometto shipyard transporter

The Cometto Shipyard transporter (SYT) are self-propelled elevating haulers that have a payload capacity ranging from 100 to over 1000t as needed in shipyard operations.

The SYT is fitted with a hydraulic suspension using high capacity pendulum axles.

There are quite a huge number different suspension types that come with various payload ranging from 32 – 45t each providing several solutions based on the absolute capacity again with customized dimensions for the desired platform sizes as the customer would need.

The SYT’s main features are the electronic steering that enhances maneuverability in areas that are confined and the transporter’s ability to get synchronized mechanically with two or even more vehicles.

Ideally, this shipyard transport is meant to move ship blocks and sections within shipyards.

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ANSTER is a professional supplier of heavy haulers in China. The company has continued to export hundreds of transport vehicles since 2000.

It started out with semi-trailers and moved on to heavy trailers selling them to more than 30 countries around the world. This has given the company an international reputation.

ANSTER is primarily a military special vehicle manufacturer that provides its customers with quality products at competitive prices. 

The main products offered by this company include the hydraulic multi-axle modular trailer, the self-propelled modular transporter and customized trailers among others.

shipyard transporter

shipyard transporter

This company has been in the industry for some time now and has invested a lot in research and development of heavy cargo transporters.

The many years of manufacturing have provided enough experience and development of advanced technologies that match military standards.

Owing to these capabilities, customers can be sure to get safe heavy-duty transporters solutions. The development capability involving the building of special haulers such as the shipyard transporters has largely been upgraded over the years.

Excellence and continuous quality improvement has been made possible through the establishment research institutions and testing centers.

This is well-supported with superior technology in processing machinery with cutting-edge and high-precision tools. ANSTER has special capability in vehicle manufacturing.

With a keen focus on heavy-duty special vehicles, the quality of shipyard transporters sold through this company are of high quality.

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4. Scheuerle

SCHEUERLE is known for the manufacture of Self-Propelled Modular Trailers (SPMTs). The company is part of the history that was made in the inception and use of modular trailers that were able to handle heavy weight cargo.

It has been in the industry making all kinds of transporter solutions needed for different applications around the world. It has made a lot of contribution in the building of module transporters, road vehicles, industrial and many other types of vehicles.

The company has enjoyed a lot of cooperation and support from different clients cutting across the world. It has continued engage their clients offering them training as would befit their operations.

Some of the key pillars of the company’s success is commitment to making timely deliveries, offering services and trainings, providing quality equipment and vehicles.

Scheuerle has partnered with the right people in the industry to provide the requisite raw materials and support needed in the process.

The company is closely working with clients to identify any gaps and needs that may arise now and in the future. The special transporters include antenna transporters, aircraft recovery systems and rocket transporters to name just but a few.

Ideally, Scheuerle has a long list of transporters that are customized to meet different needs in the market.

The management operates under the premise that “nothing is impossible” implying that they will do whatever is in their power to deliver a solution to you.

Customers like you get to benefit from the rich information and knowledge drawn from partners and members of the (Transporter Industry International) TII Group.

Actually, the scheuerle transporter isn’t the normal shipyard transporter, it is a special transporter used in specific industry. But its function and purpose are similar as the shipyard transporter. Here are some options to expect from Scheuerle:

  • Antenna Transporter

There are two antenna haulers: Otto and Lore considered special for use in the movement of radio telescopes already been used in the Chilean Atacama Desert. Here is an example of the Antenna Transporter ESO as shown below:

Antenna Transporter

Antenna Transporter

This transporter is typically used for carrying parabolic antenna loads and is available in different versions such as the ESO version and the Atacama Desert Observatory.

The available drive types are the Hydrostatic drive system type and the wheel hub drives one. The beauty of this type of transporter is that, it can be used anywhere.

  • Rocket Transporter

The Rocket transporters by Scheuerle are special vehicles that are used in the transportation of rocket stages and other sections of the space travel.

Mostly used for carrying rocket parts but can also be used in the ship yard. Clients can get customized transporters of this type to meet their specific needs.

The available drive type is through the hydrostatic drive system and comes with various load handling equipment. 

Rocket transporters can be used on different sites of operation including on-site and universal areas.

The advantage with this transporter is that it has synchronized special units of tractor that have side girder decks that can help to comfortably transport 200-tonne parts of a rocket engine on public roads. 

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In the purchase of a high-end shipyard transporter, there is no guess work. Customers are highly advised to get their transporters from the best manufacturers around the world.

This is a costly investment and therefore, there is no room for mistakes. A shipyard transporter is a vehicle commonly used in shipyards although can be used for other operations elsewhere based on the need.

By its nature and the kind of work it does, the shipyard transporter manufacturer should have the skill and expertise needed to guarantee high-quality vehicles.

Its should have a wider working platform and a larger loading surface compared to other transporters in the market. Listed here are examples of the commonly used shipyard transporters from the companies described here.

These companies have partnered with each other alongside other professionals in the industry to make sure that quality is not compromised at any stage.

These companies endeavor to provide such solutions when needed.

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